Kane Concepts Incorporated (KCI) is a management consulting company, providing expertise in a broad range of activities critical to your company's success.  This expertise was acquired through operational management of technical, financial and executive functions in real situations over forty-five years.  The results of our consulting activities and counseling are based on that solid, hands-on operational experience - not merely what we learned on our last consulting assignment.

Since its founding more than fifteen years ago, KCI's client base has been primarily a long list of technology companies, with a concentration on semiconductors, semiconductor manufacturing equipment and computers.  This concentration came about mostly through original industry contacts, but the reality is that our expertise has proven highly valuable to a diverse set of clients ranging from hardware and software technology companies, food processing companies, consortia, government agencies (state and international), and venture capital and investment firms.  The great strength of our expertise is its transferability to a wide variety of business strategies and not applicable to only one or a few industry segments.

Much more information about KCI's focus areas, successful engagements, and managment background is available by clicking on the buttons on the left.  We encourage you to contact us directly for further information.